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Powerful Chinese Gong - SEHF

Powerful Chinese Gong -  SEHF
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Powerful Chinese Gong - SEHF
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Chinese gongs are significantly indispensable. Typically cast from bronze and shaped like plates, the use of these instruments can be traced back to the Northern Wei (6th century) period. Chinese Gongs are extremely complex - more so than other Chinese percussion instruments - as they come in different shapes, makes, and names. Till today, it is not possible to list all the various Chinese gongs used in China. 

This Gong is Specially Used For Chakra Balancing, Aura Increasing & Energising The Body, Mind & Soul, This is Highly Recommended For Everyone.

Powerful Chinese Gong

Powerful Chinese Gong: 24 Inch Diameter ( Approx. )

Woollen Felt Strikers: 2 Piece  ( L Size – 2 Piece)

Eco–Friendly Jute Bag: 1 Piece

(Stand Not Included)

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