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Rhythmic Tuning Fork - SEHF

Rhythmic Tuning Fork - SEHF
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Rhythmic Tuning Fork Is An Acoustic Resonator In The Form Of A Two-Pronged Fork With The Prongs (Tines) Formed From A U-Shaped Bar Of Elastic Metal (Usually Steel). It Resonates At A Specific Constant Pitch When Set Vibrating By Striking It Against A Surface Or With An Object, And Emits A Pure Musical Tone Once The High Overtones Fade Out. A-Tuning Fork's Pitch Depends On The Length And Mass Of The Two Prongs. They Are Traditional Sources Of Standard Pitch For Tuning Musical Instruments, This Tuning Fork Set Contains Three Tuning Forks Of Different Electromagnetic Wavelengths.


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3 Pieces - 128 Hz, 256 Hz And 512 Hz

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