Singing Bowls

The Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls is one of the most powerful, primal & useful forms created by Tibetan Monks & the history of Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls are very much mysterious and interesting to know us. We did a very deep research and analysis on Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls and their tremendous healing impacts on Body, Health, Mind & Soul. We found that the practice of healing through Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls was performing from last thousands of years in Tibet.

Thousands of years ago, Buddhists Monks developed the Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls with mixing some metals which produce very sacred & powerful healing vibration sounds. There is no any information as to how these monks got the secret knowledge of healing through Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls. Since Tibet is located at a height and is also known as the roof of the world there was no any connection or exchange of information about the healing effects of the bowls with the rest of the world.

In 1951 China invaded Tibet and then the Chinese began to destroy most of the Monasteries & Temples people and monks from Tibet started to migrate and settle in different parts of the world including India. These monks started to heal and cure people using the singing bowls in himachal – dharamshala thus the knowledge of singing bowls spread to the rest of the world.

I personally got in touch with several monks and did lots of research on the technique of healing through the Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls & I found that each & every singing bowl is made of various metals which basically producing different frequencies as per our different organs for the desired healing results. So after that I developed a unique combination & composition for every Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowl that works on people received tremendous positive results.

How Does the Singing Bowls Works?

The basic principle of Healing through Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls is based on this fact that everything in this universe is vibrating at a certain & specific frequency. The same way all our body organs are also vibrating at their own frequencies. When there is any deviation of the frequencies of the body organs, the disease (Dis + ease) start to occur and it disharmonize the entire body rhythm.

Scientifically our body is made up of 70% of water and there is very deep relation between water and sound. Actually sound energy can make a lot of changes in water molecules and re-harmonize the deviated cells of the body to regain the lost harmonic beat or vibrations & settle them on their actual position.  When the scared sound vibrations from Tibetan Singing Bowls strike and enter our body organs they make the cells of the organs vibrate at their natural or own root frequency  so the organs start to re-work & settle down with the lost natural energy and power. The sound energy fills our entire body with positive body harmony and work at the deep root level. Even the deepest of pain or anxiety hidden in our subconscious or unconscious mind is removed and you start to live a new life, fully rejuvenated and motivated. The sound waves produced by the Tibetan Singing Bowls give you a purpose to exist harmonically with the Nature & Self.

How We Heal

As I have done a very extensive research on the Healing effects of sound frequencies. We did several Sacred Sound & Energy Healing Sessions across the India. People who attended our Sacred Sound & Energy Healing Workshops have experienced tremendous results in the improvement in their health.
Our Sacred Sound & Energy Healing Sessions have been developed with a focus on providing a more scientific, practical and innovative approach.
It gives tremendous benefits to the people who want the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.
Our Sacred Sound & Energy Healing Session consists of two parts: Theoretical & Practical Sessions.

In the theoretical session we share our deep understanding of sound & energy healing. This gives an immense knowledge as to how sound & energy healing process works on our mental, emotional and physical body. Here we understand the true potential of sound & energy healing. Starting from traditional, spiritual and religious concept we take you to the authentic knowledge of modern sciences, doctor’s researches and biological aspects of sound & energy healing.

In the practical session we take you through the most amazing journey of life. During this process first of all your entire internal & external body is cleaned and retuned with sacred sound. During this process you start your first journey of sound & energy healing. The next stage of sound & energy healing lightens your body. The sound waves start making you weightless and your start feeling light. During this process your feel all the individual parts of your body.
The next step is very effective & powerful because through guided imaginary meditation we take you to a harmony journey of meeting with yourself. You become totally relaxed and go into deep meditative state. You body become calm and relaxed, your body cells become re-settle in their actual position. Your entire internal body and mind become so relaxed and blissful that even the time does not matter to you.

Sacred Sound & Energy Healing Session is recommended for every individual but it is specifically designed for, Students, Working Professionals and Managers/Leaders, Homemakers, Working Ladies, Corporate Groups, Bureaucrats and Government officials including police officials and defense personals, Old age people and senior citizens, Music Teachers and therapists, Healers also.
The science of Sound & Energy Healing is has the greatest potential to heal and cure people of all ages and gender with tremendous positive results.

Sound & Energy Healing is such a holistic healing approach that it provides joy and peace of life, prosperity to the human being and success with good health.
Once you attend this Sacred Sound & Energy Healing Session your will have a clear understanding of the amazing positive results of sound and its healing effects and applications.