Sound & Energy Healing Therapy

Sound & Energy Healing is the process in which a practitioner uses all (or specific) aspects of music — including the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, social, mental, and superficial — to improve the health of their patient. Sound & Energy Healing therapy improves many facets of the patient’s life, including emotional and social development, cognitive and motor functioning, and psychological and psychiatric health.

There have tremendous positive benefits of Sound & Energy Healing Therapy. Leading doctors, scientists and researchers of the leading Institution of the world believes that Sound is the best natural medicine of the present & future. Sound is present everywhere in our body. Each and every cells and DNA in our body is composed of sound & vibrations.

There are several applications of Sound & Energy Healing in the treatment of human diseases like Diabetes, Heart Stroke, Brain Disorder, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swing, Boosting Muscles Power, Memory loss, Sleep Disorder, Insomnia, Joint Pain, Migraine, and Headache Etc.

Sound & Energy Healing Therapy Includes

Brain Wave Entrainment Session

Our brain is composed of trillions of brain cells. These extremely tiny cells are called neurons & neurons are vibrate on their harmonic frequency but when they dis-align from their harmonic frequency than in that case we face various issues like weak concentration, memory loss, sleep disorder, anger, negative thoughts, fear, confusion etc.

Brain Wave Entrainment helps to align the neurons to their original harmonic frequencies &  the frequency of our brain waves remain in beta state but as and when this frequency is shifted to alpha and more relaxation stage we become more creative, our mind become more analytical, we improve our memory power, our visualization capacity increases further. The negative toxic energy is released from our mind and we start to vibrate to the tune of positive energy.

Mind Detoxification Therapy

Due to over hectic and competitive lifestyle, we develop a lot of toxins energies in our mind which come out in the form of anger, stress, negative emotions and fear etc. For a healthy mind it is very important that we get rid of such toxins from our mind. Even scientists believe that the actions or decisions taken by the individuals are the results of the experiences, pain, and grief hidden in the subconscious or unconscious mind. Each of the brain cells develops some kind of disorder in their natural vibratory rate due to the negative or toxic energies. Thus to clean the mind from negative thoughts, anger, frustrations or fear it is very important to fill the mind with the sacred positive energies so that they may start vibrating in their natural frequencies thus removing toxins. Sound Energy is the most powerful tool to remove the negative energies from our mind.

Cellular Toxins Cleansing Session

Sound is not only heard by our ears, it is heard by our body cells also. And when the sacred sound enters our body cells they bring all the cellular disorders into proper order.

Cellular detoxification is a strong body cleansing program that entirely releases toxic waste from the cell of the body. It is naturally done by certain sound frequencies which remove the waste from the organs of the body such as liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and bloodstream. During the sound healing detoxification process, the sound waves enter the cells and remove the toxins from the cells naturally and set them in natural disorder. To improve and accelerate the development of the cells it is very important to set all the cells in order and sound healing the best tool for this.

Cellular detoxification therapy would activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Body’s internal environment of acidic and alkaline nature is completely balanced. This process even balances the body weight. During this process excess fat cells start to dissolve and the body gets re-tuned to its natural shape and harmony. It makes the skin radiate and is very good to stop skin ageing and wrinkles issues.

Hand & Foot Reflexology Session

Application of Sound & Energy Healing is very important for the patients of diabetes and hypertension or blood pressure & it gives very positive results to them. During the process of hand and foot reflexology, a kind of pressure is applied on the feet and hand by Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls which produce an amazing results on the health and blood circulatory system of the body. The sacred sound vibrations when enter into our blood stream system they make the regulations of the blood smooth and normal and remove pressure on the blood thus providing a great deal of relief to the patients of blood pressure. The normal flow or regulation of blood in the body reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases. The foot reflexology is good for the patients of diabetes. Reflexology is essential for good health and well being.

Aura Cleansing & Enhancement

Aura is Electromagnetic Field or Bio Energy Field of human body that extends all around our body for about 4-5 feet (in a average healthy body) and appears to be depleted in cases of unhealthy person, aura represents your physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual energies. The aura is often seen a mix of fine colored frequencies where each color define its own individual nature and characteristics.

Aura is the layer of energy which interconnects all other subtle bodies and also acts like a shield covering and protecting our more refined subtle bodies like the mental, emotional, and spiritual and astral bodies.  Like for our physical body to survive and maintain its health, oxygen plays a vital role for our existence similarly the Pranic forces which are commonly called Prana is the subtle energy that is required by our more refined bodies to function and maintain a good health. Aura of a person is directly connected to the level of health of the person. A person is considered to be Healthy in terms of Physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional well being as well as highly positive spiritual energies. So a person who is healthy at all these levels has a bigger and brighter aura and vice versa in the case of an unhealthy person.

Aura should be strong & positive to live a happy and successful life but now day due to the visible or non visible negative forces in environment our aura becomes weaker than actual position and people face various issues like financial, relationship, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Sound & Energy Healing is the very powerful healing technique by which we can cleanse your aura & enhance it at their original state.

7 Chakras & Their Significance in our life :

1st – Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)

Use For :  Enlightenment, Divinity & Spiritual Connection

Color :  White – All Colors Unifying

Element : Space

Associations in the Body : Top of the Head, Crown, Pineal Gland, Skull, Nervous System, Upper Brain
Issues : Enlightenment, Connection to Spirit, Divinity, Universal Wisdom, Oneness, Unity, Inner Peace, Clarity.

2nd – Third Eye Chakra (Agya Chakra)

Use For :  Conscious Perspective & Intuition

Color :  Purple

Element : Light

Associations in the Body : Between the Eyebrows, Third Eye, Eyes, Pituitary Gland, Sinuses, Lower Brain
Issues : Seeing the Higher Purpose or Perspective, Universal Truth, Intuition, Awareness, Higher Knowing, Higher Vision

3rd – Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra)

Use For:  Self Expression & Clear Communication

Color:  Blue

Element: Air

Associations in the Body: Throat, Thyroid Gland, Lower Neck, Vocal Chords, Jaw

Issues: Self – Expression, Speaking One’s Truth Without Attachment, Clear Conscious Communication, Tone and Intent of Voice.

4th – Heart Chakra (Anahat Chakra)

Use For :  Unconditional Love & Compassion

Color : Green
Element Air
Associations in the Body : Heart, Thymus Gland, Lungs, Immune System, Circulation
Issues : Giving & Receiving Unconditional Love for Self and Others, Healing, Forgiveness, Compassion

5th – Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra)

Use For :  Personal Power, Confidence & Individuality
Color : Yellow
Element Fire
Associations in the Body : Solar Plexus, Kidneys, Adrenals, Stomach, Diaphragm
Issues : Personal Power, Confidence, Radiance, Personal Will, Certainty, Individuality, Sense of Identity & Self, Moral Ethics, Integrity, Personal Truth, Ego, Empowerment, Ambition.

6th – Sacral Chakra (Svadishthana Chakra)

Use For : Creativity, Emotions & Sexual Health
Color : Orange
Element Water
Associations in the Body : Below Navel, Belly, Intestines, Sexual Organs, Womb of Creation, Low Back, Sacrum, Bladder
Issues : Creative Expression, Emotions, Desire, Sexuality, Inner Child, Fertility, Relationships, Childbirth, Playfulness, Birthing one’s Gifts and Talents (for both Sexes).

7th – Root Chakra (Muladhar Chakra)

Use For : Foundation & Security
Color : Red
Element: Earth
Associations in the Body : Perineum, Seat, Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips, Anus, Joints.
Issues : Stability, Security, Safety, Groundedness, Survival, Finances, Family, Community, Physical Health, Life Force Issues, Foundation, Employment.
Every Chakra has their own importance in our body & life so every chakra should be balance and rotate at their specific frequency,
Sound & Energy Healing completely balance your chakras & retune them in their own harmonic frequency.Self Expression & Clear Communication