Cellular Toxins Cleansing

Cellular Toxins Cleansing

Sound is not only heard by our ears, it is heard by our body cells also. And when the sacred sound enters our body cells they bring all the cellular disorders into proper order.

Cellular detoxification is a strong body cleansing program that entirely releases toxic waste from the cell of the body. It is naturally done by certain sound frequencies which remove the waste from the organs of the body such as liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and bloodstream. During the sound healing detoxification process, the sound waves enter the cells and remove the toxins from the cells naturally and set them in natural disorder. To improve and accelerate the development of the cells it is very important to set all the cells in order and sound healing the best tool for this.

Most of the diseases make their space in our body due accumulation of toxins in the body, lack of enzymes and metabolic disorders, deficiencies of nutrition etc. For all these functions to work properly it is important that the cells are detoxified.

Cellular detoxification therapy would activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Body’s internal environment of acidic and alkaline nature is completely balanced. This process even balances the body weight. During this process excess fat cells start to dissolve and the body gets re-tuned to its natural shape and harmony. It makes the skin radiate and is very good to stop skin ageing and wrinkles development.


Treatment of General Physical Ailments:

Sound Energy can be used to cure several physical ailments. The sacred sounds work at the root causes of the diseases and lift them in their entire extent in the most reliable way. Sound healing especially work for the patients of depression, stress, anxiety and memory loss. People suffering from sleep disorders or insomnia are most benefited by using the sound healing technique. Sacred sounds of singing bowls are also effective for diabetes and cardio vascular diseases. People attending our sound healing sessions have also found much benefit in their body aches and joint pain thus it is effective in arthritis. Since the healing sound takes you to deep relaxation it is very much beneficial for the patients of migraine. It is also good for the patients of hypertension of high blood pressure. Nowadays doctors and scientists are working and doing an extensive research in the field of sacred sound healing for several deadly diseases. It has also been found beneficial for pregnant women. The researchers have also found a very crucial application of sound healing in the diseases of the skin. It prevents premature skin ageing and provides natural radiant to the skin. There are several other diseases being treated or cured by sound healers across the world.

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