What is Chakra ?

What is Chakra ?

Chakras are the true life force of our body. Chakras are called the focal points, power point and energy points of our physical and mental body. The Chakras play the most important role in physical, mental and spiritual growth of human beings.

For a healthy, balanced and prosperous life, it is very important to understand the chakras in our body. A Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheels. They are believed to be present in our body in non-physical form. The Chakras are the chief life force of our body and provide energy to all the veins of our body. The Chakras cannot be located in physical form but can be experienced through holistic healing methods specially meant to open the blockages in the chakras. Sound & Energy Healing has been believed to be the most important healing tool to experience and open the blockages in the chakras.

We have seven (7) such energy connections or energy points which are located along the central spine in the body. These seven connections or chakras work the same way as the electrical junctions box does at our home. As the electrical junction box supplies electricity to all the wires spread in the home the same way these chakras spread energy to all the veins present in out body. These junctions’ points are called the chakras and they are seven in number.

Since everything in world, our body and our mind is moving and vibrating at a certain frequency, the same way it is important that these seven chakras also keep moving. It is also important that the seven chakras are aligned. If there is any blockage in the chakras or if they are not open or aligned, the person faces a lot of problem in his physical health and mental body.

Sound & Energy Healing is one of the best proven techniques to open the blocked chakras and to realign the deviated chakras. If the chakras are moving at their full frequency it would take you to your highest mental, physical and spiritual potential. We have been conducting several workshops of charkas opening and alignment and many people have benefited out of it.

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