The Sound of Well Being

The Sound of Well Being

Every one of us has our own defined way and methods of experiencing a sense of well being but the most important question is “Who is aware of the SOUND of Well Being & Wellness?

Everything in this entire universe is composed of vibrations. Sound is made of vibrations which are audible. The whole world and this universe is nothing but music in solid form.

Sound Therapy is the easiest way to orient people towards wellness, well being and humanity. It is a fact that out of our all the five senses, ears are considered to be the most accurate and they never sleep.

Till date the effect of sound on the body, mind and soul has been neglected. Due to the negative sound in our surrounding and environment we develop a hell lot of negative behaviors within ourselves such as irritation, depression stress, physical and mental pain. Such negative sounds may be produced by industrial noise, household noise, noise produced by traffic or transportation and machinery etc.

But the positive aspect of this act is our realization and increasing belief that the potential of sound & energy healing therapy can be applied on the body, mind and soul in a harmonizing method so that we become aware of our true self, we get into deep meditation and relaxation. The Healing effects of sound vibrations are so much powerful that they can treat even critical diseases.

We at Sound & Energy Healing have been conducting workshop on several aspects such as depression, insomnia/sleep disorder, stress management and several other subjects and found that people attending the workshop witnessed tremendous improvement in their life.

Sound is the medicine of the future. For details on sound & energy healing therapy please write to us at

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