Brain Wave Relaxation

Brain Wave Relaxation

Our brain is composed of trillions of brain cells. These extremely tiny cells are called neurons. These neurons use electricity to communicate with one another and send billions of signals at once in the brain which produces a great amount of electricity that can be detected in a medical instrument called ECG. The electricity or energy thus produced creates a kind of wave pattern because of its cyclic wavelike pattern. Our brain regulates its functions with the help of these electric waves which are stored in the brain and emits very small electronic impulses of different frequencies.

These brain waves have been classified into four qualities as mentioned below:

Beta Brain Waves: Such kinds of brain waves are emitted when the brain is consciously alert or feel troubled or nervous. The frequency of Beta Brain Waves ranges between 13 to 60 hertz

Alpha Brain Waves: Alpha categories of brain waves are emitted when we are relaxed physically and mentally. During this process we remain aware of all the happenings and activities around us. The frequency of Alpha Brain Waves ranges between 7 to 13 hertz.

Theta Brain Waves: Theta categories of brain waves are emitted when our conscious reduces greatly. Most of the happenings or incidents around us are not observed by our mind. The frequency of Theta Brain Waves ranges between 4 to 7 hertz.

Delta Brain Waves: Delta Category of brain waves is emitted when we go into deep meditation or deep sleep. At this stage we become unconscious. The frequency of Delta Brain waves range between 0.1 to 4 hertz.

In general, the frequency of our brain waves remain in beta state but as and when this frequency is shifted to alpha and more relaxation stage we become more creative, our mind become more analytical, we improve our memory power, our visualization capacity increases further. The negative toxic energy is released from our mind and we start to vibrate to the tune of positive energy.

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