Power of Sound & Energy Healing

Power of Sound & Energy Healing

Sound is the most powerful energy. The energy of sound penetrates our whole body. The cells of our body normally respond to the music we listen to. The same way it has been established that when our body comes in contact with the harmonic sounds of singing bowls, a lot of changes and transformations start to take place at cellular level. The cells start to free themselves from the bondage of negative energies accumulated over the time. The cells start to resonate with their own natural frequency and this way they become rejuvenated with a great amount of positive energy. We know that sound stimulates our nervous system. Sometimes when we listen to an unpleasant sound our blood pressure increases, and sometimes it helps in normalizing the blood pressure. The same way once we choose the right kind of sound for us, it can heal several of our diseases without any medicine.

Sound & Energy Healing Therapy helps you bring out a true and original yourself. It helps to clear all kinds of blockages and obstacles in your brain. For this it is very important to relearn the listening skills. You need to train your ears to listen to and identify the sounds most soothing to you. Keep listening and analyzing the sounds and this process will take you to deep level of meditation.

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