Phobia & Fear

Phobia & Fear

Phobia & Fear is a Type of Anxiety Disorder Which Happens Due To Persistent & Excessive Irrational Fear of An Object, Place, Person or Situation.


Now Days 90% People From All Age Group & Gender Are Facing This Major Issue In Their Life & They May Experience a Deep Sense of Dread or Panic When They Encounter The Source of Their Fear.


People With Phobias Often Realize Their Fear is Irrational, But They are Unable to Do Anything About It. Such Fears Can Interfere With Work, School, and Personal Relationships, Due to This People Are Unable To Groom Themselves Physically, Mentally & Socially.


Their Have Various Phobias Majorly People Are Face In Day To Day Life :-


1. Social Fear & Phobia
2. Agoraphobia – Phobia of Place Or Situation
3. Acrophobia – Fear Of Height & Elevator
4. Glosoophobia – Fear of Speaking In The Front Of Audience & Group
5. Cynophobia – Fear From Animal, Insects & Others
6. Nyctophobia – Fear Of Nightmare & Darkness and Many More.


Phobia is Not A Normal Disorder, the Most Common & Disabling Symptom of a Phobia is Panic Attack, Mostly People Are Unable To Handle This and We Have Seen Various Cases Around The World That People Dead Due To Fear & Phobia, People Who Prolong This Issues For A Long Time They Can See The Various Negative Changes In Their Life Such As Stress, Depression, Chronic Anxiety, Exceed Fear, Weak Memory, Blood Pressure Issue, Inability To Speak, Chest Pain, Choking Sensation Etc


Sound & Energy Healing Therapy is the One of The Powerful & Scientific Approach To Remove Your Phobia & Fear Permanently, It Has Been Proven By The Topmost Doctors, Psychiatrist, Healers Around The World.

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