It is through vibrations that our body cells communication with each other. We can see sound as wave patterns, movement, different color forms etc. We can see sound as wave pattern in computes, mobile phones and other electronic equipments. If we strike a good singing bowl with a striker, we can see sound as vibrations. It is the external illustrations of sound.

But you would be surprised to know that sound can be perceived through our internal eye. When we go into deep meditation or when we are completely relaxed in a meditative state or when our brain is devoid of external thoughts or when we enter into internal peace, or when during medication we are between sleep and consciousness, some natural and unplanned images start to appear in our inner eye with changing form and color. These images can appear in different forms such as mandalas, circular shapes or other shapes. This is the initial stage and symptoms of your communication with cosmic energy of sound. At this time sound comes closer and goes away from you.

This sound is the best healing too to communicate with the cosmic and internal energy.  If we practice to listen to the sound produced by singing bowls it will fill our entire body with harmonic vibrations. The sacred sound produced by singing bowls takes us to deep meditation and relaxation.

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