Increase Your Wisdom Through Sound Healing

Increase Your Wisdom Through Sound Healing

Wisdom Is The Ability To Judging Rightly or Right Decision Making In Matters of Our Life By Our Knowledge & Experience; We Actually Get Success Or Failure In Our Life Only With Judgments Which We Make.

Peaceful & Intuitive Mind Always Gives Right Judgements; Intuitive Mind Is One That Is Not Disturbed By Negative Thoughts And Emotions, Or Irrational Fears. When The Mind Is Overtaken With Negativity, We Actually Become More Self-Centred And Self-Focused. This Internal Spiral Clouds Our Judgment, And Leads Us To Mistrust Others And Judge Them Harshly.

When One Does Not Feel Inner Peace, He Or She Is Not Able To Discern Things In A True Way. Many People Misjudge Others And Make Poor Decisions Because They Are Acting From A View That Is Very Selfish, Which Is To Say, Very Short-Sighted. Since Life Is Impermanent, And Material Items Must Be Left Behind, Selfish Actions Are Irrational. Only Meditation Can Teach Us This.

Sound Healing Therapy Helps In Acts Of Selfishness, Anger, And Other Negative Emotions Are Taken Away. The Reason Is That The Mind, Where Fears And Negative Emotions Are Created And Used To Manufacture Stories About Our World, Which Can Be Either True Or False, Is Brought Under Control. The Mind Is Silenced And Made Peaceful. In This State, True Seeing Begins, With A Clear Mind And Compassionate Soul Developed Through Sound Healing Therapy, We Are In The Best Position To Possess And Exercise Wisdom. A Clear Mind Does Not Name and Categorize, And It Does Not Judge Things As Good Or Bad. The Clear Mind Sees Things As They Really Are, And Truth Is What Wisdom Really Is.

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