Energy of the Chakras

Energy of the Chakras

For a long time it was difficult to measure the energy of the seven chakras present in our body. There are devices to measure several kinds of energies such as heat energy by thermometer, sound energy by frequency analyzer and so on. Chakras energies are such energies which cannot be seen and measured by normal people and instruments. But individual with very high level of spiritual growth, sages and saints have the vision to visualize the energy produced by the chakras. If we see a photo or image of saint or god, we observe that just behind the photo there appears a round wave called aura. This aura is an indication of heightened energy produced by the chakras of the individual.

Recently some scientific instruments have been invented which are capable of capturing the location of the chakras and measure their energies. An individual with high spiritual growth emit light from his chakras which can be seen by modern scientific instruments.

The concept of subtle and chakra energy is not new for those working with Sound & Energy Healing. We know that everything in this universe is in a state of vibrations and since different objects have different vibrations and densities, the energy produced by them also varies. While working with the unique concept of Sound & Energy Healing, we can open the blockages of the chakras and enhance their energies.

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