Singing Bowls: The Most Sacred & Unique Healing Instrument

Singing Bowls: The Most Sacred & Unique Healing Instrument

Singing Bowls are basically native to the Himalayas and they are also known as Tibetan Singing Bowls. The concept of healing through singing bowls is becoming popular across the worlds due to its direct and immediate impact on our both physical and mental well being.

The origin and core function of the singing bowls and their positive impact of our body, mind and soul are still surrounded by an aura of mystery. We at Sound & Energy Healing, have been practicing the healing through singing bowls for last 7 years and have found that they produce very fascinating and ethereal sounds which really harmonize and retune our entire body system and organs.

As a sacred instrument for expanding conscious, transformation in our lives and healing from several negative energies, the singing bowls are now a proven methodology and they have a great potential to heal our current and future generation.

We are conducting several workshops of sound energy healing across the world while exploring several ways in which the energies and frequencies produced by the singing bowls are being applied. The concept of healing through singing bowls is a great science but has been continuously been ignored or neglected because of lack of proper knowledge and information about its healing potential. Now a lot of work, research and publications are being conducted of the healing effects and singing bowls and it is gaining popularity and confidence even among the medical fraternity including doctors. You will be surprised to know the some leading hospitals and renowned doctors are using the concept of singing bowls to heal their patients from several complicated diseases. People suffering from depression, stress, cancer and pregnant women are gaining maximum benefits of sound healing.

To examine the authenticity of singing bowls and its healing effects, we regularly take live feedback from the participants in the concert and workshop conducted by us. Here all of us share our experiences, activities and healing effects of sound. While sharing our experiences and results, we learn from each other and it gives us a further scope of research and exploration on singing bowls.

During our workshop and healing session, we share with you our immense knowledge, information and experience on the craft and composition of singing bowls, frequencies of all the planets and how they affect our body and how the sacred sounds can make every planet favorable to our destiny, the balancing of 7 chakras, the relationship between color, our well being and singing bowls, the most sacred internal and external listening capabilities of sacred sounds, how to feel and experience harmonizing sounds and a lot more.

The best way to learn and heal oneself with singing bowl is to encounter with them. Only studying literature, research and books will not be able to give you a true glimpse of Sound & Energy Healing. To get benefit from it, we need to feel it. At our workshop of sound healing we help to practice with several exercises of sound, teach you to explore several implications of sound, vibrations, color etc.

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