When Should You Seek Help Under Depression ?

When Should You Seek Help Under Depression ?

Some people under the influence of negative thoughts and depression walk alone. They prefer a lonely atmosphere and all alone they make their body and mind suffer too much under depression due to over-thinking. But it is advisable to spend time with your friends and well wishers to gain mental support and strength. This way you would feel better and you would be in a better position to take a good decision.

If you find yourself trapped in any one or more of the four situations mentioned below you should seek assistance immediately:

  1. If you find that the feeling of depression is prolonged and it is getting worse by the day
  2. If you find that the depressed mood is the cause of negative impact on your life in relation to your work, career, family or business.
  3. If you find that unhealthy and unpleasant thoughts keep your mind occupied most of the time and it makes you lose your self esteem
  4. If you find that you are continuously thinking about harming yourself or thinking about doing some violent act or suicidal attempt

In any of the above mentioned four cases you must and must consult someone close you to immediately. You can any time even contact us for a better guidance.

Sound & Energy Healing has got a deep relation with the cure of depression. During the process of Sound Therapy we take you for Brain wave relaxation and calm your mind. Sound is the best medium for the cure of depression and other mental disorders since it heals without physical medicines.

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